Liposome Concentrate Plus 20mls

Dermaviduals Liposome Concentrate Plus is an absolute must for acne, blemish or pimple prone skin.  It delivers phosphatidylcholine, Linoleic acid (omega 6) and naturally occurring Azelaic acid to the skin.  Phosphatidylcholine is a major component of the skins cells membranes. Linoleic acid is very helpful to acneic skin being anti inflammatory as well as helping to liquefy sebum preventing it from plugging up the pore.  Azelaic acid helps to reduce the growth of bacteria in the pores, reduce inflammation, and normalise the growth of skin cells within the folicle lining.  All of these actions are massively helpful for acneic skin.  Liposome Concentrate Plus will also help to reduce the chances of blackheads & whiteheads forming.  The liposomes are very in rich in anti inflammatory EFA's which support the prevention of blemishes and inflamed skin and help to calm down those hard, red, cystic spots that tend to form around the jaw line.  Phosphatidylcholine will also help to prevent scarring after blemishes and soften the appearance of existing scars so very helpful for skin that suffers with acne and will also help to reduce the inflammation that accompanies Rosacea.

Benefits of Lipososme Concentrate Plus:
* Anti inflammatory - calming for the skin
* Anti Bacterial - reduces growth of bacteria within the pore
* Normalises skin cell production within the pore so helps to reduce plugging up of the pore
* Helps prevent formation of black heads, whiteheads and blemishes
* Helps to prevent and reduce acne scarring

Composition: Highly enriched native phosphatidylcholine in a  liposomal dispersion.  The consistency regulator is the naturally occurring azelaic acid.

Free from emulsifiers, perfume, silicones, dyes, mineral oil, sodium lauryl sulphate, preservatives, amines.

Directions:  Apply a few drops neat to the skin after cleansing and before moisturising.  Or it can be blended with a few carefully selected Actives and mixed in with one of the Prescriptive Moisturisers or the Prescriptive Serum.  For further information see the section on "Bespoke Skin Care".

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