Zone Face Lift
A luxurious, holistic Treatment incorporating Facial Reflexology, Face Lifting Massage, gua shas, facial cupping and crystals to lift both Face and well being.
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60 Minutes
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Course of 6 x 1 Hour Treatments
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A luxurious, holistic Treatment incorporating Facial Reflexology, Natural Face Lift Massage, Native American techniques, crystals and other hand held devices to lift your Face and elevate your sense of well being.

Facial Reflexology uses thumbs and fingers to apply gentle pressure to the reflex points on the face. Each reflex point on the face corresponds to one of the organs of the body, linked by energy channels called zones or meridians. Reflexology helps to clear blockages so that the energy can flow, restoring health, balance and vitality to the skin as well as the body.

The Reflexology sequence is complimented by some effective natural face lifting techniques.

An array of non invasive devices are also used to stimulate the skin and nerve endings and enhance results: Jade gua shas, healing crystal spheres, rose quartz wands, acupressure rollers and facial cupping. These are used to sculpt the facial contours, boost collagen and elastin and smooth fine lines.

The Zone Face Lift results in a more youthful looking skin and the benefits may include: * improved muscle tone
* a more radiant complexion
* deep relaxation
* stress relief and a reduction in anxiety
* help with migraines, sinus issues, insomnia, teeth grinding, IBS, joint pain, depression
* oxygenation of the tissues
* tightening, toning and sculpting of the neck and jawline
* softening of fine lines
* a shift of stagnancy at a cellular level
* a release of emotions held at a cellular level
* stimulation of your body's innate healing mechanisms
* an increase in lymphatic drainage resulting in a reduction in puffiness and smoother facial contours
* an overall feeling of enhanced wellbeing.

The Treatment can be taken as an individual treatment to revitalise the Face but the results are cumulative and for best results a course of 12 or at least 6 Treatments is recommended, ideally taken at weekly intervals.

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