Ayurvedic Marma Therapy for the Face
An Ayurvedic Facial manipulates the Marma points to improve the flow of energy dissolve tension held in the facial muscles and relaxing the body as a whole.
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 An Ayurvedic Facial is a Holistic Treatment that involves isolating the Marma points and massaging them in a specific way. 
Marmas are subtle, vital energy points where two or more types of tissues meet.  Between the Marmas are subtle energy channels  called Nadis.  In  Ayurvedic Medicine it is understood that our lifestyle, emotional and physical stresses can lead to imbalances and blockages.  The Marmas are manipulated to improve the flow of energy through the Nadis and rejuvenate the skin.  
Marma Therapy for the face improves the micro circulation that feeds the facial tissues and tones the muscles surrounding the Marmas. This brings many visible benefits to your skin and complexion.
It can also offer relief from insomnia, neuralgia, tired eyes caused by eye strain, sinus congestion, tension headaches and tension in the jaw.  Marma Therapy helps to dissolve tension held in the facial muscles and is deeply relaxing for the body as a whole.   As it is believed that the Nadis relay energetic information between your mind, body and the system of chakras an Ayurvedic Facial has the potential to go beyond the skin to penetrate the body at a much deeper, more subtle level.

An Ayurvedic Facial will still be provided as a Bespoke Facial where the skin is cleansed and treated for optimum benefit to you on the day of the Treatment.  During an Ayurvedic Facial it is traditional to prepare an ubtan, a freshly mixed paste of healing earth powders with flower water which is applied to the face to cleanse and nourish the skin. Omega rich, cold pressed, seed oils are used for the massage to encourage the release of toxins stored in the tissues and to help increase tejas, the radiance in the skin.

A Kansa Wand is also used to massage the Marmas. The tip of the wand is made from 99.9% pure bronze which includes copper, tin and a trace of zinc.  Kansa is a healing metal that has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries and the wand feels soothing and calming.  Gentle friction to the facial muscles during massage helps to draw acidity from the tissues.  The subtle electrical conductivity of the bronze improves your body's natural electrical balance 

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