About Dermaviduals UK

Pure Face Works is an official distributor of Dermaviduals in the UK
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Pioneers of emulsifier free skin care with liposome technology.

Kind to your skin. Free from emulsifiers, preservatives, mineral oil, amines, artificial colours & fragrances.

Dermaviduals is based on the principles of Corneotherapy. This makes the repair and renewal of the barrier function of the skin a priority. It is preventative skin care that works from the outside in. It promotes healthy skin and makes skin less prone to eczema, acne, psoriasis, rosacea, premature ageing and other kinds of skin imbalances.

The products are biomimetic. This means they are formulated with skin identical ingredients that your skin can recognise, understand, accept and make use of. Ingredients that enhance its appearance, texture, function and feel. This is the start of healthy, happy skin.

Dermaviduals is free from perfume/fragrance, silicones, colouring, petrochemicals, preservatives and emulsifiers.

The range includes a large number of skin boosters - pure Active Concentrates that can be selected for your skin. This allows for Treatments and Home Care to be truly bespoke.

These Actives come in biodegradeable, physiological, nanoparticles and liposomes. This means that the Active ingredients can penetrate beyond the surface of the skin to reach the living cells in the deeper layers.

The daily mositurisers comes in packaging that allows for specifically selected Actives to be added. This means that your Moisturiser can be tailored for your skins needs.

The cells in your skin are communicating all the time. Your skin can only be as healthy as the nourishment it receives. Feed the cells with a different food and they will talk a different language. This is how skin care can change your skin.

Pure Face Works is an official distributor of Dermaviduals in the UK
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