Radio Frequency Facial
radio frequency is a non invasive facial treatment which boosts new collagen production and tightens exisiting collagen for younger, smoother, fresher skin
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Radio Frequency Facial
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Radio Frequency is a non invasive treatment which applies heat energy into  the skin, promoting skin health and giving an energy boost to fuel dermal remodelling.  Electric vibrations within the radio waves portion of the electromagnetic spectrum deliver heat energy deep into the dermis.   
This electrically induced heat is used to increase the temperature of tissues below the skins surface without disturbing the outer layer of the skin.  The heat is focused down in to the dermal layer to stimulate new collagen synthesis while causing contraction and tightening of existing collagen. 
This results in firmer, tighter and younger looking skin. 
Radio Frequency will also stimulate the microcirculation where it is applied so it tends to give the skin a lovely fresh, oxgenated apearance. 
I use Mutlipolar Radio Frequency which is optimal for treating the face and neck.


* contracts the collagen fibres to tighten and firm the skin
* activates the fibro blast cells to make new collagen & elastin
* has a natural and progressive lifting effect
* minimises the appearance of large pores
* a visible reduction of wrinkles and fine lines over time
* increases the oxygen and nutrients carried to the tissues
* speeds up cellular metabolism
* increases the elimination of metabolic wastes
* non invasive, safe, pain free and no down time.

Treatment Times & Prices

£60 For a one off Treatment take as a Bespoke 60 Minute Facial

Effects are gradual as the new collagen is laid down and the collagen fibres are remodelled.  The remodelling phase will continue even after treatments have stopped so the benefits continue beyond the treatment.

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Bristol Radio Frequency Facials at:
Jojo Beauty & Holistic Therapies.  166 Gloucester Road, BS7 8NT

Sidmouth Radio Frequency Facials at:
Utopia Hair Salon & Facial Clinic, 20 Fore Street, Sidmouth, EX10 8AL

Text or call 07760313180 or email to book in or for further information about my Treatments

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Contraindications for Electrical Facials include:Electrical implant such as Pacemaker/cardiac abnormalities/heart disease/pregnancy/cancer/epilepsy/thrombosis/
phlebitis (superficial thrombophlebitis)/metal implants in the face/head/neck unless very small/leave 21 days after botox/fillers.