Non Surgical Face Lift/Microcurrent Facial
Dermalift Microface Intense uses the power of Microcurrent to lift and tone face muscles while giving the skin a massive energy boost for repair and rejuvenation
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This Facial uses the latest, upgraded version of the Dermalift Microface Intense Machine from Silhouette.  Microcurrent is often referred to as a Non Surgical Face Lift but it does much more for the skin beyond toning and lifting the muscles. 
The electrical current that is used in Microcurrent is similar to the bodys own natural electrical currents and it does help to tone and lift the facial muscles. However Microcurrent also increases the amount of cellular energy known as ATP (adenosine tri phosphate).  ATP is manufactured in the mitochondria of each cell and is the cellular energy that makes life possible for a living organism.  Mitochondrial energy cannot be over looked when addressing how to slow down the ageing process.   By the age of 60 years old our ATP levels can be half of what they were in our younger years. 
The less ATP you have the more inadequately you function and healing, repair and the regeneration potential of the body is all slowed down.  If you think about it ageing is a process of slowing down.  It is a decline in celluar activity within the body.  Every process that those cells are involved in will be slower.   As the mitochondria within the cell become less efficient they produce far more toxic oxidants which contribute to ageing and inflammation. 
Boosting ATP levels with Microcurrent gives the skin and the muscles a rejuvenating energy boost.  Subsequently there is an increase in the speed and efficiency with which the skin functions, regenerates and repairs itself.  Energising the mitochondria will slow down the course of cellular ageing.
After a microcurrent treatment ATP production will continue to increase and the skin can store it and this can continue for up to 72 hours after the Treatment.  In this way Microcurrent encourages better functioning of the lymphatic system, the circulation, cell renewal, cell to cell communication, collagen synthesis and growth and repair. All of this is very healing, reduces inflammation and leads to healthier and younger looking skin.
There are 32 muscle groups on our face and neck and during the treatment probes are used to lift, tone and sculpt the facial muscles.  This helps to relax overly tight muscles and to tone up underworked muscles.   While doing so we are also infusing the muscles, tissues and skin cells with the Microcurrent. The effects are both immediate and cumulative. 

Benefits of Microcurrent:
* Gives a massive boost to cell function and energy which is key feature to slowing the ageing process
* Increases natural collagen production which decreases fine lines and wrinkles
* Increases the absorbtion of active rich skin care in to the skin
* Increases the microcirculation improving colour and texture
* Increases natural elastin production which improves elasticity, restoring some bounce to the skin
* Boosts lymphatic drainage which helps to decrease puffiness and smooth facial contours
* Increases skin hydration as it boosts the skins own production of natural moisturising factors

This Microcurrent Facial is performed over mesotherapy cocktails which I will select for your skin.  We begin by ionising the mesotherapy into the skin using the Dermafusion probes and programme.   There are different programs  for erasing lines and smoothing the skin, re educating and lifting the muscles, and for stimulating the lymph and the micro circulation and these are all used during the Facial.   I can pay particular attention to areas of the face that are particularly concerning you.

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Bristol Microcurrent Facials at:
Jojo Beauty & Holistic Therapies.  166 Gloucester Road, BS7 8NT

Sidmouth Microcurrent Facials at:
Utopia Hair Salon & Facial Clinic, 20 Fore Street, Sidmouth, EX10 8AL. 

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Contraindications for Electrical Facials include:Electrical implant such as Pacemaker/cardiac abnormalities/heart disease/pregnancy/cancer/epilepsy/thrombosis/phlebitis (superficial thrombophlebitis)/metal implants in the face/head/neck unless very small/leave 21 days after botox/fillers.