Dermalux Flex LED Light Therapy
Dermalux Flex LED Light Therapy uses the power of light energy to stimulate the skin to renew cells, restore radiance, boost collagen production and repair
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6 week course of weekly 45 min Treatments
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60 min Facial including 30mins Dermalux Flex LED Treatment
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75 min Facial including 30 mins Dermalux Flex LED Treatment
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Dermalux Flex uses LED Light Therapy to activate the skins repair mechanisms, re-energizing aging and damaged skin.  The Dermalux Flex can be used as a stand alone Treatment or layered in to a Bespoke Facial to create advanced cell renewal, restoring the skin to a healthier state by stimulating and strengthening collagen production. 

Our cells can absorb light and use it to fuel a range of biological processes within the skin.  Specific clinically proven wavelengths are absorbed by chromosphores within the skin to trigger the skins natural rejuvenation and repair processes.  Skin cells that are energised by LED phototherapy function better and can renew up to 200% faster to promote healthy and radiant skin.

LED Light Therapy uses a low intensity light source and so causes no thermal damage to the skin.  It is one of the most gentle, non invasive rejuvenation techniques currently available.  It is painless,  and safe for all skin colours and skin types with no down time.

The Dermalux Flex delivers the 3 most clinically proven and medically approved wavelengths: Blue 415nm, Red 633 nm and Near Infrared 830nm.  Wavelengths can be selected as individual or multi-wavelength treatments so that the treatment can be tailored for your particular skin concern.
Blue light 415nm - destroys the bacteria which causes spots, improves clarity without irritation and calms problem skin conditions
Red light 633nm - super-charges the cells to accelerate renewal, boost collagen and elastin production and increase hydration for smoother, firmer skin.  Ideal for restoring vitality and glow.
Near Infra Red light 830nm - targets cells in the deeper layers to promote healthy skin, calm redness and irritation and helps to reduce hyperpigmentation

Benefits of Dermalux Flex Light Therapy:
*  Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin which over time will remodel the dermal layer to build smoother skin and visibly diminish the appearance of wrinkles
*  Increases the circulation which means better cellular nourishment
*  Increases lymphatic activity which speeds up the healing process, the elimination of wastes, reduces puffiness and generally improves cellular health
*  Strengthens the capillary walls which leads to improved oxygenation and detoxification of the skin
*  Increases cellular energy which improves and speeds up the efficiency with which the skin functions, regenerates, repairs and heals itself so good for scarring
*  Increases hydration wihin the skin and an improved ability to retain moisture
*  Decreases redness so excellent for Rosacea, and reactive/sensitised skins prone to redness
* Improved elasticity & firmness
*  Calm the skin and reduce irritation and inflammation, including inflammatory acne
*  Improve the texture, clarity and radiance of the skin
*  Accelerates healing so excellent when used in combination with Microneedling
*  Improves skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis
The lights trigger a whole cascade of skin enhancing processes and the visible changes that occur are cumulative and will also continue even after the Treatment has finished.

How to use Dermalux Flex LED light Therapy:
The number of sessions required will depend on the severity of the skin condition, age, previous sun exposure, life style and health. 
Taken as an individual one off Treatment: use as a skin boost before a special event to revitalise a dull complexion, calm irritation or restore luminosity.
Taken in combination with a Facial: upgrade your Facial for superior and longer lasting results.  Incorporated in to a Facial it will work synergistically to increase hydration and plumping and helping to promote skin revitalisation and radiance.
Taken as a course of Treatments: an intensive course of 10-12 Treatments taken in close succession for optimum cell activation to supercharge your skin for visible and lasting improvement.  Once completed follow with maintenance treatments.

60 Minutes Facial with 30 mins LED: This will include a cleanse and exfoliation of the skin to prepare for the LED and then massaging in of products to enhance the LED.
Longer Treatment times allow for more Facial works which can be Face Massage, low tech hi touch tools such as Gua Shas and Facial Cupping or Electrical Therapies such as Microcurrent.

Microneedling includes 20-30 mins of Dermalux Flex LED after the Microneedling.

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Dermalux credentials:
*  Dermalux is recognised as a world leading, premiun British brand for LED phototherapy
*  Dermalux is 5 times winner of Best Treatment at the UK Aesthetic Awards and Best UK Manufacturer 2019
*  Tri-Wave MD and Flex MD are the only LED Phototherapy systems in the world to be medically certified for the treatment of Psoriasis
*  Also holds a Medical CE certification for Acne, Wound Healing, Psoriasis and Pain (muscoloskeletal)
*  Proprietary and patented LED technology
*  Results from independent testing demonstrated the Flex MD to be at least 3 times more powerful than other portable LED devices available

Contraindications: pregnancy/breastfeeding/lupus erythematosus/photosensitive eczema/albinism/any photosensitive disorders/any sensitization to light such as light induced headaches/eye disease/any medication that can cause photosensitivity.  These can include certain antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs and diuretics.