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Bespoke Facial Treatments & Natural Skin Care Products that work in harmony with your Skin

Welcome to Pure Face Works - Bespoke Facials & Skin Care for Men & Women of all ages and skin conditions.  All my Facials are customised to be of optimum benefit for you and your skin on the day of your Treatment.

Focusing on what the skin needs: detoxification, hydration, nourishment and protection promotes healthy skin which translates into skin that looks clear and radiant, feels smooth and repairs and renews  more like youthful skin.  Please see "Facial Treatments" for further details.

I blend natural oils, clays, flower waters and botanicals with 2 Skin Care lines:
Dermaviduals.  A unique skin care range that is biomimetic which means that the ingredients mimic substances that are naturally found in healthy skin.  These work in harmony with the skins physiology and help to repair and renew the barrier function of your skin, helping to prevent inflammation in the deeper layers.  This is important as chronic inflammation is associated skin sensitivies and problems such as acne, rosacea, eczema and premature ageing.  Moisturisers and Serums can be customised to offer bespoke and specific solutions for your skin.  Liposomal technology means nutrients are delivered deeper in to the skin where they can be more effective.
Entirely free from preservatives, emulsifiers and other ingredients known to stress the skin.
Go to "Dermaviduals" to view the products.

Kimberly Sayer of London.
  This hand crafted and certified Organic range draws on the wealth of skin beneficial ingredients derived from nature - sea algae, plant collagen, shea butter, squalane, calendula, beech bud extract, aloe vera, silica, oat beta glucan to name but a few. Rich in anti inflammatory agents to soothe and protect your skin, bind moisture at a cellular level, speed up healing and minimise blemishes.  One of the few organic ranges to offer a moisturiser containing a non micronised mineral sunscreen which does not leave a white cast on the skin.
Go to "Kimberly Sayer" to view the products.

Free From:
Both ranges are free from the preservatives - parabens & MI (methylisothiazolinone), sodium lauryl sulphate, artificial colours & fragrances, mineral oil/paraffinum liquidum and lanolin, amines.
Dermaviduals is entirely free of both emulsifiers and preservatives.

Finding the right products for your skin can make caring for it an enjoyable & nurturing daily ritual.  I hope you will enjoy browsing these pages and be tempted to try out some of the Products & Treatments for yourself.


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