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Bespoke Facial Treatments & Natural Skin Care Products that work in harmony with your Skin

I am a Facialist offering Bespoke Facials for Men & Women of all ages and skin conditions.  The focus of my work is promoting healthy skin because when your skin is healthy it  will look its best, feel good and it will behave and repair  more like youthful skin.

I work with three Skin Care ranges and a wide range of treatment modalities so that I have something for everyone, no matter what their skin is presenting to me.  I hope you will enjoy browsing these pages and be tempted to try out some of the Products & Treatments for yourself.

All three skin care ranges available here have this in common:

* They are free from the preservatives - parabens & MI (methylisothiazolinone).  They are also free from sodium lauryl sulphate, artificial colours & fragrances, mineral oil/paraffinum liquidum and lanolin.

* They are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, essential fatty acids, active plant phytochemicals & anti inflammatories to repair, nourish, and strengthen your skin, reducing the ageing effects of inflammation and free radical damage.

* They include skin identical ingredients that work in harmony with your skin's physiology

* They are capable of making a difference to your skin that you can see and feel

Shifting your skin to its optimum condition is entirely achievable and need not be complicated, time consuming or vastly expensive.  Finding the right products for your skin can make caring for it an enjoyable & nurturing daily ritual.


*  Skin Identical   *   Organic  *     Paraben Free  * Therapeutic *