Eyebright Liposomes 20mls

Eyebright is rich in Vitamins A, D , E and B complex, beta carotenes,caffeic acid, antioxidants in the form of flavonoids and alkaloids and is astringent and anti bacterial.  This makes it useful for a wide range of skin conditions including Acne, Eczema & Ageing.  In this product Dermaviduals have encapsulated it in Liposomes intensifyting it's effectiveness.

* Anti ageing
* Anti inflammatory
* Anti irritant
* Reduces puffiness and redness
* Anti bacterial/antiseptic so helps wounds to heal more quickly
* Astringent so helps to shrink pores
* Antioxidant so protects skin from damageing free radicals wich delays the appearance of fine lines

Directions:  A few drops may be used neat like a serum before moisturising and after cleansing.  Or it can be used as an Active agent in one of the Prescriptive Moisturisers or the Prescriptive SerumsPlease see the section on "Bespoke Skin Care" for more information.

Composition: Eyebright extract encapsulated in Liposomes.

Free from emulsifiers, silicones, mineral oil, SLS, preservatives, amines, artificial colours & fragrances

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