Elevate ATP & DNA Repair


Elevate contains 120 capsules and provides critical nutrients for improved cellular, organ and brain health. It helps to harmonize a number of different symptoms that arise out of adrenal fatigue and hormonal imbalances.   Elevate helps to increase the output of ATP in your body which will improve your energy and metabolism while allowing your adrenals to relax.  When ATP levels increase within your cells, universal wellness benefits occur.  This is a sharp contrast to most energy and weight loss supplements.  Cats Claw, Amino Acids and B Vitamins boost your body's immunity and cell repair. Contains Ganoderma and Pyruvate which facilitate detoxification and the conversion of fat in to energy.  COQ10 aids in protecting your body from free radical damage.  The combined effect of Elevate will boost immune function, reduce cancer and disease risk, and improve skin function.

Conditions: All persons
* if pregnant or breast feeding or taking medication please consult your Dr before use of this product.

* Boosts ATP - Increases Energy
* Improved metabolism - helps burn fat and cellulite
* Enhance athletic endurance
* Improve mental clarity
* Repair DNA & sun damage
* Boost immune function
* Reduce cancer & disease risk
* Improve skin function

A proprietary blend (900mg) of Nicain, Thiamine, Ribolfavin - B vitamins increase energy and circulation to deliver nutrients to the cells; therefore improving function of the skin and body. Alpha Lipoic Acid - acts as an antioxidant to prevent cell damage and also gets used by the body to convert carbohydrates in to energy
Calcium Pryruvate - essential in converting fat to energy
CoQ10 - provides antioxidant properties to reduce free radical damage
Homeopathic Cell Salt, Citric Acid, Sea Salt
Ganoderma - referred to as "the elixir of life", has anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and detoxification properties
AC-11 (Unicaria Tomentosa) - a patented extraction from Cat's Claw.  Only the beneficial parts of the plant which help heal and restore DNA

Directions: take 1-2 capsules per day with each meal.  You may experience a temporary flush or warm, tingling sensation throughout the body.  This is normal and will subside over time.
Weight                 Minimum Efficacious Dose
50-100lbs             3 caps/day
100-150lbs           4 caps/day
150-200lbs           5 caps/day
200-250lbs           6 caps/day
250lbs+                7-8 caps/day

* Activate Elevate ATP best with 90 minutes of exercise a week.
Brand Osmosis
Weight 0.18kg