Whitening Concentrate 20mls
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A safe and effective complex of plant extracts known as GIGA White encapsulted in liposomes for maximum effetiveness to prevent and lighten pigmentation
Dermaviduals Whitening Concentrate provides a safe treatment for the prevention of skin hyper-pigmentation.
It contains a complex of plant extracts which are known under the trade name Gigawhite.   These plant extracts are:
* Malva Sylvestris
* Mentha Piperita
* Primula Veris
* Alchemilla Vulgaris
* Veronica Officinalis
* Melissa Officinalis
* Achillea Millefolium.

This complex of ingredients work together to inhibit tyrosinase and the formation of melanin which gives skin its colour.  In this Whitening Concentrate they have been  encapsulated in liposomes to work even more effectively at preventing and lightening  hyperpigmentation. 
Effectiveness is further increased by the presence of linoleic acid which is bound in the liposomes.
This is a concentrate that needs to be applied regularly over a longer term.  It is effective but not a quick fix and results will only be observed after several weeks.  A combination with vitamin C liposome concentrate is recommended, because this provides a synergistic effect, too.

Directions:  Apply neat to the skin after cleansing and before moisturising.  It is recommended to pre-treat the skin with the Vitamin C liposome concentrate then "seal" the skin with a Dermaviduals base creamAn SPF during the day is essential if attempting to prevent or treat pigmentation.   In trials changes in size and shade of pigmented areas were observed after a few weeks of daily application but for better results several weeks are recommended.

Aqua · Pentylene Glycol · Alcohol ·Glycerin · Sorbitol · Lecithin · Malva Sylvestris Extract · Mentha Piperita Extract · Primula Veris Extract ·Alchemilla Vulgaris Extract · Veronica Officinalis Extract · Melissa Officinalis Extract · Achillea Millefolium Extract · Xanthan Gum

Free from emulsifiers, perfume, silicones, dyes, mineral oil, sodium lauryl sulphate, preservatives & amines.

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