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Organic, handcrafted, award winning skin care

* provide a wealth of naturally derived ingredients for the benefit of your skin

* rich in anti inflammatory agents to soothe & protect

* bind moisture at a cellular level

* work to minimise blemishes & speed up healingClick here to go to About Kimberly Sayer Organic Skin Care or click on items below to shop for products

Product Range

kimberly sayer gentle almond & lavender face scrub
Gentle Almond & Lavender Face Scrub
Kimberly Sayer Organic Light Cleansing Lotion. Gentle enough to remove eye make-up, without irritation. It deep cleanses the skin for a clean, clear complexion.
This Deep Cleansing French Clay Mask from Kimberly Sayer offers a purifying treatment with excellent results for acne prone skin. It will help to keep pores clear, remove blackheads, lift dead skin cells and heal exisiting spots. It will leave skin looking brighter and feeling cleaner.
Kimberly Sayer Ultra Light SPF30 is a well formulated moisturiser offering UVA as well as UVB protection. This lightweight, protective day cream is easily absorbed and won't clog pores or cause breakouts.
Kimberly Sayer Antioxidant Daily Moisturiser is an award winning luxurious hydrating cream. it contains live organic extracts, anti-oxidants and organic sunscreen which helps protect against free radical damage and aging while offering UVA and UVB protection.
Kimberly Sayer Aromatic Night Repair Cream is a rich, deep-penetrating night treatment to hydrate dry, mature and sensitive skin. Leaves skin soft and supple. A natural and organic product.
Kimberly Sayer Tangerine & Calendula Healing Light Night Cream contains Organic Botanicals and Essential Oils to assist collagen production, wound repair and to balance oily and blemished skin.
Kimberly Sayers Gentle Cleansing lotion is an all natural, organic, creamy cleanser that removes surface impurities and deep cleanses clogged pores. Gentle enough to remove eye make-up, without irritation. Leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed.
Kimberly Sayer Botanical Astringent Toner is Ideal for oily and blemish prone skin. It will help to dry up acne and blemishes, without over drying the skin. Minimizes enlarged pores and diminishes oily surface shine by calming overactive sebaceous glands. A natural & organic product.
Kimberly Sayer Organic Lavender Toner is specifically formulated for skin prone to sensitivity and dryness. Contains only purified water and the finest, steam distilled organic Lavender Flowers. Ideal for hormonally imbalanced skin and for skin exposed to harsh elements such as heat and pollutants.
Kimberly Sayer Restore Anti Ageing Cream is a luxurious, deep penetrating face cream that moisturises, tightens, firms and soothes the skin. Protects against and reverses the effects of environmental damage and strengthens and restores skin tone, leaving it supple and hydrated.