Customer Reviews

"Norah was fantastic, she really made me feel at ease and she tailored the Facial exactly to my skin type.  Would definitely recommend."

"This is much more than a Facial.  Norah is a healer and I come away from a facial feeling healed and restored.  I can't recommend more highly.  Fabulous"

"Norah really does make my skin look and feel fabulous.  She's got magic in her fingertips.  Absolutely professional with a really caring warmth that shines though"

"I had two LED light Facials with Norah before my wedding and both times were brilliant.  Norah really took the time to understand my skin and tailored my facial to suit.  I will definitely be back!"
"Norah doesn't do a 'one size fits all' facial but will look at your skin and treat what she sees accordingly.  I have never walked out of her room feeling and looking anything other than amazing"

"Fabulous.  So much knowledge"

"Norah has the most gentle hands, the facial is just sublime, so relaxing and your face glows and looks magnificiant afterwards.  Highly recommend."

"Nobody guesses my age.  Norah does a great job."

"I went to see Norah when my face broke out in hives.  The bespoke treatments Norah gave me helped soothe my skin and helped it regenerate.  Since my first few visits my skin has healed and it's the best it's every been.  My skin is plumper and more radiant from the different techiques she used and the products she has tailored to me.  Norah really is my skin fairy!"  

"This was a fabulous experience.  I have had just a few facials before and this was the best by a walking mile!  People are noticing how good my skin looks too."

"Wouldn't go anywhere else."

"Very relaxing and educational!"

"Norah was recommended to me when I commented on how great a friends skin was looking.  She has exceeded expectations doing wonders for my skin and that of my post natal daughter.  Would definitely recommend"

"I can not recommend Norah enough.  She took the time to really understand my skin and what I needed!  Her knowledge is second to none and I can't wait to go back."

"Excellent knowledge and skill.  My skin looks fab when I leave."

"I would highly recommend!!  Very relaxing and rewarding, my skin has improved and I am able to maintain it with the expert advide and recommended personalised skin care products."

"You'll never get a better facial.  I just let Norah do what she thinks my skin needs.  I come out looking great every time."

"Amazing Facial experience - recommend it highly."

"I can't rave enough about Norah's facial treatments.  I am a big fan.  I started going because I had muscular problems in my jaw which she helped with enormously and now I go regularly because I LOVE the flow and uplift I get in my face after just an hour in there!"

"Norah is the master of facials and lymphatic drainage massage.  The ultimate relaxing and calming experience in the perfect atmosphere and it works.  Thoroughly recommended!"

"Norah is just amazing... and has magic hands that work wonders - my skin always looks and feels wonderful afterwards."
"The 90 minutes I spend with Norah are the best 90 minutes of my month. I walk in stressed and walk out feeling, and looking, 10 years younger. Norah never gives you the same facial twice. She takes time to see what your skin actually needs and tailors to the facial to that.... Everyone needs a Norah!"

"I had a wonderful experience with Norah, she was very friendly and genuine. The treatment was wonderful and I have never had a facial quite like it! She used many different techniques such as facial brushing and thermotherapy, and my skin is glowing now!"

"I highly recommend Norah. Great facials, amazing products and Norah is lovely. I love how the products are individually tailored to your specific skins needs :)"

"The therapist was really informative and made me feel so relaxed! The products used felt amazing on my face and my skin has felt so lovely since."

"I have been to see Norah a few times now and she is fantastic. She is so knowledgable about her products and skin in general and always gives a completely bespoke facial, not a run of the mill standard one that you get in a salon. Her products are so lovely and no nasty chemicals. My skin always looks amazing and I feel so great afterwards. I would recommend Norah to anyone. I would not let anyone else touch my face! And she is a lovely lovely person"

"In the last 12 months my skin has improved dramatically; I regularly receive compliments about how good it looks and have seen a real improvement in both of my skin conditions. In addition to that, the treatments are just that, a real treat. Absolutely superb value for money - going for that first visit was the best decision I've made!"

"Loved it! Norah offered an ultrasonic cleaning instead & the skin felt soooo clean and smooth! Her massage is so relaxing, I almost fell in sleep!"

"Pure Face Works is the best salon to visit if you want a relaxing and peaceful treatment at the hands of a real expert in the world of facials. Norah is always calm and welcoming - the time goes too quickly and you notice the huge difference in your skin straight away. Please visit and try it for yourself!"

'''Facial' doesn't really do justice to the depth of knowledge Norah has about the skin.....I now order all of my skincare products from Norah based on her analysis of my skin, and I have never had such good skin. It also means I don't waste money on trying new products to 'see' if they live up to the hype - so it's a money saver too!!"

'I loved my facial by Norah - she uses fabulous products that all smell good enough to eat and it's such a relaxing hour. She really takes such an interest in how best to work with my skin as it's always been my weak area. There's lots of different aspects to the facial, so you get good value for money. Afterwards my skin was glowing & I felt extremely nourished by her treatment. Thanks Norah!!"

'Norah has magical hands! Her face massages are wonderful! Every time my skin glows and feels nourished for days on end"

"If I could give an extra star I would because Norah is the type of person who always gives that bit extra. I had been suffering from acute eczema and wanted to try to stop using the steroid creams that were ruining my skin. She has fabulous products and was always thinking of new things I could try, so the Pure Face Works facials were the first that had given me any kind of relief. I regularly travelled to Sidmouth from Bristol and would highly recommend the facials to anyone who has problem skin or is simply looking for a wonderful way to relax and look 10 years younger!
Sally KC

Absolutely great Bespoke facial and felt secure in knowledgeable hands. Lovely experience.  Will make this a regular treat."

"I highly recommend Pure Face Works facials to an'yone who has problem skin or simply wants an amazing facial. I have suffered from acne for many years on-and-off and with Norah's help I am finally free of always being very self conscious about my bad skin and definitely winning the battle against acne."

Each time I treat myself to a facial from Norah it is always carefully considered and tailored to the condition of my skin at that time. Norah is passionate about her craft and has clearly researched her products and techniques as my skin always benefits from it. Thanks Norah."

This was my first microneedling facial and it was great experience with lovely initial results."

"I have had several sessions with Pure Face Works and I can honestly say they are the best I have ever had. Everything from start to finish is wonderful, I come away feeling really relaxed and my face looks much brighter for days afterwards. Friends can always tell when I have been for a facial! It may cost a little more than some treatments I have had but it is worth saving up for. I definitely recommend it."

"I've been a client of Norah's for just over 18 months. In that time I have always found her to be extremely knowledgeable about skin and it's care. The treatments that she offers are fabulous, extremely relaxing but very effective. I'm 53 years old and my skin looks better now that it did when I hit 50. Not only are the treatments fab but Norah has a very calming presence so you come out looking good and feeling very chilled."

"I have suffered from adult acne since I was thirty and I have always been very self conscious about my bad skin. Thanks to Norah's fabulous facials, I can now go without foundation and I am frequently complimented about my skin, something I never imagined would happen . Norah is really knowledgeable, and is constantly researching. Her products are excellent quality and very good value. I have recommended Norah to friends and family, as her facials are a wonderful experience. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

"I highly recommend Pure Face Works facials to anyone who has problem skin or simply wants an amazing facial. I have suffered from eczema for many years and with Norah's help I am finally free of steroid creams and definitely winning the battle"

"Every time I have a facial from Norah I am amazed at the deep state of relaxation gained from working on the face....and always walk away feeling completely revitalised."

"Norah provides the most relaxing and feel good facial I have ever had. Since having the facials and using Norahs natural face and body oil my skin looks and feels softer, fresher and more nourished . My face has been free from spots and whiteheads, and I can only put this down to the natural oils soaking into my skin, amazing!"

"I've had challenging skin all my life & it was such a relief to find Norah - someone who takes time to understand things on a deeper level. During my visits she gently works to improve my skin and uses divine products, all of which feels very nourishing and leaves me in a state of deep relaxation. I can't recommend her facials enough"

"After many years of trying different products, you were able to treat my skin and my self-confidence. I will be forever grateful."

"Lovely, nourishing products that smell good enough to eat. Norah's wonderfully relaxing Facials leave one looking at least 5 years younger.... which is never a bad thing."

"Receiving a facial from Norah is pure bliss........ each one of her gestures, touch and movement is beautifully done, she has a very special skill that makes me feel nourished and cared for and I never want her to stop.....I wouldn't let anyone else touch my face."
Marie France

"Thank you for the amazing Facial you gave me the other day. I was feeling really exhausted by life but your Facial completely revived me...... Your Facial is much more than just a skin treatment, you give full restoration to the weary woman! I think that really you are a healer with a talent for working miracles through a Facial. I have tried several over facials and NEVER experienced such a good treatment. And the products you use work wonders too."

"After years of being unhappy with my skin, I eventually built up the courage to see Norah. She has given me some expert advice, time, patience and understanding. Her facials are both relaxing and tailored to the individual. Norah has made significant improvements on some pre-existing scars I had .... giving me a huge confidence boost from the results. Not only do her facials make you feel good, they make you look good and my only regret is that I didn't see her sooner. Thank you!"

"Glorious products and massage techniques - the effects seem to last longer than a normal facial"

"I feel like I get more than just a facial with Norah -l always come away feeling nourished, relaxed and refreshed!"

"I love going to Norah for Facials, as it is a complete escape from the day to day stresses of life. Each treatment is tailored to my specific needs on that day and is always completely relaxing as well as therapeutic. Norah has so much experience and knowledge and is committed to getting results for her clients. I highly recommend her Facials, whether it be to resolve a specific skin problem or just to relax and pamper yourself!"

"I would highly recommend!! Very relaxing and rewarding, my skin has improved and I am, able to maintain it with the expert advice and recommended personalised skin care products."

I felt pampered and completely relaxed from head to toe even though the treatment was on my face and neck.  Norah has a beautifully calm way of working and explained just enough of what she was doing, but still allowed me to totally relax in to the treatment.  My skin was glowing for a couple of weeks afterwards too.  I would hight recommend Pure Face Works as a specialist in facial treatments."

The best thing about Norah's Facials is the personal and friendly touch she gives to each one. Every Facial is adapted to how my skin is behaving at the time and all the products she uses seem to perform minor miracles to banish any problems!

"I have had real problem skin for a while... Norah has now supplied me with products that are helping on a daily basis. It has made a real difference to my skin which is now settled and supple - the first time for about a year. Thank you so much."

"Norahs Facials are brilliant - hugely relaxing, really good for my skin and my stress levels!"

"I haven’t felt so good in quite a long time... All the rashes have gone and the oil keeps my face fresh and glowing. I have tried one expensive beauty product after another, but Norah’s oil is the one that made the difference. Thanks Norah!"
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