Micro needling/Derma Needling
Microneedling gets beautiful results by harnessing the skins natural ability to repair and rejuvenate, lay down new collagen and reverse many signs of ageing
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60 mins
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Course of 6 Treatments
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Also known as skin needling, derma rolling  and collagen induction therapy. This is a truly holistic treatment that works with natural processes within the skin with really pleasing and beautiful results.

Collagen synthesis
Collagen induction therapy delays and reverses the signs of ageing.  It rejuvenates the skin by deliberately causing micro traumas to the skin. This activates the skins natural healing processes which result in the laying down of new collagen.  By promoting scarless healing it ensures the depostion of healthy collagen rather than scar collagen.

Growth Factors
Understanding of Micro needling and its effect on the skin is growing all the time and it is now known that micro injury to the keratinocyte cell (the main cell in the epidermis) supports the release of several growth factors including EGF (epidermal growth factor) which results in epidermal thickening.  This is beneficial as a thinning epidermis is one of the expressions of ageing in the skin.  

Cell to Cell communication
Micro needling also improves cell to cell communication between the keratinocyte cells which improves skin function and ultimately helps to tighten tissues and reduce the appearance of fine lines.  

Structural integrity at the DEJ
It is also now understood that micro needling helps to improve structural integrity at the DEJ (dermal epidermal junction), reversing yet another expression of aging in the skin.

What can it treat?

* wrinkles & other signs of ageing

* hyperpigmentation

* enlarged pores

* sagging skin

* thin skin

* dull and uneven complexions

* scarring including scars left by acne

* a thin epidermis

How is it done?
A skin needling roller which is a small, hand held device consisting of close to 200 tiny, needles up to 1mm in depth, is gently rolled over the skin creating multiple, minute punctures in the layers of the skin.  This stimulates the release of growth factors within the skin and the production of collagen and elastin. The skin becomes smoother and firmer as the new collagen plumps up from within, filling in fine lines and visibly reducing wrinkle depth.

Regular treatments will massively increase the production of the skins natural collagen.

Treatments takes up to 60 mins.  For 24 hours after the Treatment there may be some redness and intermittent feelings of itchiness, tightness and dryness or a feeling of a mild sunburn.  However I combine skin needling with Dermalux LED Light Therapy and soothing anti inflammatories to calm and hydrate the skin post treatment so side effects are minimal and usually subside quite quickly. 

A course of 6 treatments is recommended, ideally spaced 4 weeks apart.  Spacing can be longer but not shorter.  Improvements will be seen throughout the treatment period but the remodelling phase during which the collagen fibres become stronger and better organised generally takes place from 6 months up to two years after the original Treatment.  This means that you do have to be patient to see the results, it is not a quick fix for the skin but the results are very real and long lasting.

I have trained with Dr Lance Setterfield M.D. who is considered the world expert on Micro Needling and also with White Lotus Anti Ageing who are experts in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine and have developed the protocols for Holistic Micro Needling.

A one off treatment is £110 but a course of 6 treatments is £550. You can pay as you go over the course of 5 and then the 6th treatment is free.

Coming Soon:  Derma Pro Micro-needling Pen combined with Mesotherapy

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Please see "where to find me" for more details. 

Contraindications for Microneedling include:
blood clotting issues/cardiac abnormalities/active eczema, rosacea, acne or psoriasis in the area treated/facial botox or fillers injected within the last 6 weeks/contagious skin conditions/active bacterial or fungal skin infections/the use of isotretinoin/roaccutane within the last 3 months/radiation within the last year/skin cancer/scars less than six months old/a tendancy towards keloid scarring/haemophilia/some medications such as anti coagulant meds or immuno suppression meds