Kiwi Seed Nanoparticles 20mls (Omega 3)
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Kiwi Seed Oil Nanoparticles is wonderfully nourishing and will help lock in moisture, improve elasticity, soothe, protect and support healthy, happy skin cells.
Kiwi seed oil contains a high content of Omega 3, about  61% making it one of the highest concentrations among the fatty oils.  These essential fatty acids are used by the skin to keep your cell membranes flexible.  Our bodies do not make essential fatty acids but we need them and our skin especially loves Omega 3.  It supports optimal cellular functioning and in particular the absorption of  nutrients and the expelling of waste products.  When the skin lacks essential fatty acids the integrity of the skin cell is compromised and the skins barrier function suffers. 
Applying Omega 3 topically helps lock moisture in to the skin, reduce trans epidermal water loss and gives elasticity to the skin.  
This serum will also act as an anti inflammatory to reduce irritation, soothe the skin, protect barrier function and promote cellular repair.  

Kiwi seed oil is extracted from the tiny seeds of the kiwi fruit using a cold pressing
extraction technique.  Cold pressing ensures the oil remains unaffected by heat and protects the high content of vitamin C and E that the oil contains.  Dermaviduals have also encapsulated the Kiwi Seed Oil in physiological nanoparticles which allows for enhanced penetration and a much better take up of the beneficial properties by the skin.

* Anti inflammatory
* Acne - will help soothe acne breakouts
* Wrinkles
* Calming and soothing for Eczema, Psoriasis and Dermatitis
* Scars
* Dryness
* Redness
* After sunburn or minor burn
* Large pores - helps to reduce pore size
* Repairs barrier function
* Lowers TEWL (Trans epidermal water loss) - the loss of moisture from the skin
* Accelerating healing
* Keeping skin soft and supple

Directions:  Apply sparingly to clean skin underneath moisturiser.  Works well as an Active in the Prescriptive Moisturisers and Serums.
See "Bespoke Skin Care" for more information.

Composition:  Kiwi seed oil and highly enriched phosphatidylcholine (PC) incorporated in aqueous nanoparticles.

Kind to your skin.
Free from emulsifiers, preservatives, mineral oil, amines, artifical colours & fragrances.

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