Hyaluronic Acid Concentrate 20mls
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A beautifully effective serum from Dermaviduals with a HA concentrate to plump up the skin cells to decrease wrinkles and create a more youthful looking skin
Hyaluronic Acid is naturally present in our skin but as we age the levels tend to decrease.  By our mid 40's the synthesis of hyaluronic acid is estimated to be as little as half of what is required. Hyaluronic acid is a highly effective moisturiser, binding water in to our skin at a cellular level helping to plump up the skin from within which results in increased smoothness and a decrease in wrinkles.  No other biological substance can retain as much water as hyaluronic acid - up to 1000 times its weight in water within the cells of the skin. It also helps to stimulate the fibroblasts in to making more collagen which helps to counteract skin sagging and preserve a more youthful looking skin.   Recommended for mature, ageing, dry, tired or sun damaged skin.

* Improves skin hydration
* Has a plumping effect on the cell, thereby adding volume to aging skin and a more youthful look
* Increases smoothness of the skin
* Anti wrinkle agent - decreases fine lines
* Stimulates the production of collagen in the skin
* Acts as an antioxidant to protect the skin from free radical damage
* Helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin
* Has some antibacterial and anti inflammatory activity.

Composition: Hyaluronic acid sodium salt in aqueous solution

Free from preservatives, mineral oil, perfume, dyes, amines, silicones, sodium lauryl sulphate, emulsifiers.

Directions:  A few drops of this product may be used on the skin neat like a serum or a few mls may be added as an active ingredient to the Prescriptive Moisturisers or the Prescriptive Serum. 
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