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Skin Care for Psoriasis

Product Range

This Hand and Body Wash from Dermaviduals can be used instead of soap or other body or hand washes on the most sensitive skin and will not cause allergies. It protects the skin and leaves a wonderful clean and fresh sensation. Suitable for every day care.
Dermaviduals DMS Cleansing Milk is suitable for all skin types but it is an absolute must for sensitive skins, eczema, rosacea, dry, dehydrated, mature and menopausal skin or any kind of dermatitis.
Dermaviduals Moisturiser Plus is a rich moisturising cream which can be used on the face and/or the body. It is perfect for dehydrated, flaking, sensitive skin, irritated and itchy skin and eczema and can improve the symptoms of psoriasis. Also good for dermatitis on the hands.
Oleogel is a modern day vasoline without the petroleum. Instead it contains high quality plant oils which penetrate the skin easily. A multifunctional, multi tasking product that you will find yourself turning to time after time.
Dermaviduals Vitamin Lotion feeds a high dose of antioxidants to the skin significantly reducing damage to the skin. Antioxidants protect and brighten. Will leave your skin looking healthier and feeling firmer and more radiant. Light and silky in texture.
Dermaviduals Vitamin A Nanoparticles can be used on all major skin concerns from Acne to Wrinkles. Vitamin A is an essential vitamin for healthy, youthful skin. If your skin could ask for one ingredient Vitamin A would be its first choice.
Dermaviduals Linseed Oil Nanoparticles contains more than 50% a-linolenic acid which is enzymatically transformed in the skin as an anti-inflammatory with accompanying soothing properties. This makes it helpful for a wide range of skin conditions
Boswellia Nanoparticles inhibits inflammation within the skin, increases cellular regeneration and tightens and tones via an astringent action. These factors makes it an important anti ageing product and helpful for stressed skin and inflammatory conditions such as Rosacea and Acne.
Dermaviduals Aloe Vera Extract is rich in vitamins, amino acids, polysaccharides, mineral salts, proteins and enzymes. The extract has moisturising and anti inflammatory effects on the skin. Excellent for dry, cracked, stressed skin or skin in need of soothing, calming or healing.
DMS High Classic Plus contains high quality skin caring substances such as phosphatidylcholine, shea butter, ceramide 3, squalane and natural moisturisers. With regular use it will strengthen the skin and make it less prone to a wide range of problems and imbalances.
Dermaviduals Prescriptive Serum is a custom blended serum containing 50% Serum Gel and 50% Actives. This gives you a highly concentrated serum that has been customised for the individual needs of your skin.
Dermaviduals Soothing Lotion is a patent protected lotion that can be used on a wide selection of skin concerns as both a cleanser and/or a multifunctional corrective toner. Has soothing and regenerating properties and helps to calm and soothe redness. Helpful for psoriasis and acne and any skin in need of soothing.
Dermaviduals Vitamin E Nanoparticles is an antioxidant. It supports cell formation, skin repair, improves skin hydration and strengthens barrier function. For all these reasons it is a crucial ingredient in slowing and preventing premature ageing of the skin.
44mls of the Dermaviduals High Classic is blended with 6 mls of the Dermaviduals Actives which will be selected specifically for your skin. This gives you 50mls of a custom blended cream. Suitable for all skins including sensitive and damaged.
Kiwi seed oil nanoparticles helps lock moisture in to the skin, reduce trans epidermal water loss and gives elasticity to the skin. It also acts as an anti inflammatory to reduce irritation, soothe the skin, protect barrier function and promote cellular repair. A wonderfully nourishing product.
Evening Primrose Oil Nanoparticles are rich in gamma-linolenic acid which has been well researched and proven to have a favourable effect on a number of skin conditions including dry skin, blemished skin and chronic, itching eczema.
Regular application of Dermaviduals CM Glucan Complex helps the skin to respond better to environmental stresses. As well as acting as an anti irritant it restores the skins moisture barrier, helping sensitive skin to feel calm, hydrated and protected.
A customisable clay mask to detoxify and exfoliate the skin. This mask will help to clear pores of bacteria, pollution particles and dead skin cells leaving it smoother, clearer and brighter.
Dermaviduals Flawless Cover is a light mineral make up that provides luminous coverage to your skin. There are a variety of shades to match different skin tones and colours with mineral pigments. It will provide a more flawless finish to your skin without impeding the repair and renewal processes within your skin.