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Effective skin care products for Acne prone skin, for treatment and prevention.
Acne solutions by Dermaviduals, Kimberly Sayer  of London and Alumier MD.

Product Range

Dermaviduals Cleansing Gel is suitable for all skin types but particularly suited for teenage skins, oily skins or for people looking for a slightly astringent cleanser. It has a lovely fresh scent of lemongrass.
FaceLITE by the Natural-Facelift Company. This flexible home use device is an excellent way to boost your home care and is clinically proven to deliver the correct wavelengths and energy of light to promote healthier and younger looking skin
Dermaviduals Facial Tonic is a efreshing and re-energising tonic to be used after cleansing. Contains D Panthenol which has moisturising and smoothing effects as well as supporting the healing and regeneration of the skin.
Dermaviduals Treatment Gel is a must for congested, lumpy, bumpy skins. Great for decongesting the skin and encouraging a clear complexion. A real help for blackheads and acne and blemish prone skin.
This antioxidant, vitamin & protein packed serum supports skin regeneration, promotes radiance and is a brilliant rescue remedy for all skins. The encapsulation of the Vitamin B in Liposomes will enhance the effectiveness of the Vitamin B.
Dermaviduals Liposome Concentrate Plus is an absolute must for acne, blemish or pimple prone skin. It delivers phosphatidylcholine, Linoleic acid (omega 6) and naturally occurring Azelaic acid to the skin.
Dermaviduals Grape Seed Extract is a nourishing serum rich in bioflavanoids and phosphatidylcholine. This anti inflammatory serum will help to calm and soothe the skin while offering antioxidant protection within the epidermal layers to protect against aging.
Dermaviduals Vitamin A Nanoparticles can be used on all major skin concerns from Acne to Wrinkles. Vitamin A is an essential vitamin for healthy, youthful skin. If your skin could ask for one ingredient Vitamin A would be its first choice.
Dermaviduals Linseed Oil Nanoparticles contains more than 50% a-linolenic acid which is enzymatically transformed in the skin as an anti-inflammatory with accompanying soothing properties. This makes it helpful for a wide range of skin conditions
Boswellia Nanoparticles inhibits inflammation within the skin, increases cellular regeneration and tightens and tones via an astringent action. These factors makes it an important anti ageing product and helpful for stressed skin and inflammatory conditions such as Rosacea and Acne.
Green Tea extract is rich in polyphenols which have powerful antioxidant properties to prevent free radical damage. It is also a potent anti inflammatory agent and can help to protect the collagen in our skin. It is astringent, antioxidant, anti inflammatory and antimicrobial making it useful for a number of different skin conditions
Dermaviduals Prescriptive Serum is a custom blended serum containing 50% Serum Gel and 50% Actives. This gives you a highly concentrated serum that has been customised for the individual needs of your skin.
Dermaviduals High Classic moisturising cream containing skin identical lipids such as ceramides. Used twice daily it will help to improve acne, eczema, rosacea and sundamaged, dehydrated, and irritated skin.
Dermaviduals Soothing Lotion is a patent protected lotion that can be used on a wide selection of skin concerns as both a cleanser and/or a multifunctional corrective toner. Has soothing and regenerating properties and helps to calm and soothe redness. Helpful for psoriasis and acne and any skin in need of soothing.
Dermaviduals Hydrating Lotion (formerly Lotion N) is a multi-functional product that comes in a spray as a silky, creamy, fluid lotion with a high oil content. It can be used on the face and anywhere on the body to regenerate the natural skin barrier and support the prevention of dry and eczema prone skin.
Dermaviduals D-Panthenol is a provitamin of B5. It has a moisturising and smoothing effect and helps to prevent the build up of dead skin cells which can lead to acne. Clinical studies have shown that topical application quickly penetrates the skin and aids in tissue repair, dramatically reducing healing time.
44mls of the Dermaviduals High Classic is blended with 6 mls of the Dermaviduals Actives which will be selected specifically for your skin. This gives you 50mls of a custom blended cream. Suitable for all skins including sensitive and damaged.
A highly effective spot gel that will help zap spots, clear skin, calm, soothe and reduce the discomfort of painful spots, clearing out pores to reduce the incidence of future breakouts
DMS Classic moisturiser by Dermaviduals is a particularly light weight formula suitable for oily skin and for people wanting the hydration without the obvious feeling of product on their skin. Suitable for all skin types including sensitive, oily and damaged skin but dryer skins will suit the DMS High Classic or the DMS High Classic Plus.
Zinc has an incredible effect on the survival and function of all skins but it is particularly helpful for hormonal acne. Dermaviduals have encapsulated the zinc in this product in liposomes meaning that the effectiveness of this already helpful ingredient is intensified.