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An easy to use Face Mask that sends beneficial wave lengths of light in to the skin to energise the skin cells, power rejuvenation, calm, reduce redness and heal

What is FaceLITE?
FaceLITE is a flexible, portable, home use mask that uses light emitting diodes (LED) to bathe the skin in light.  It is a clinically proven treatment to improve skin hydration, firming and signs of ageing.  It is made from flexible medical grade silicone, is easy to use, portable and is a non-invasive Treatment that can be done in the comfort of your own home and at a time to suit you.

What is LED?
The FaceLITE LED device uses phototherapy which is the exposure of cells and tissue to red and near infra-red light in order to stimulate biological activity.  Red light supercharges cells to regenerate faster.  NIR calms and soothes, reducing redness and sensitivity.  It is not a new science and over 1000 clinical studies have studied the effects of light on our bodies.  FaceLITE has been designed to deliver light directly to the skin, ensuring that the maximum amount of light hits its cellular targets so is not wasted.

What wavelengths does FaceLITE use?
FaceLITE uses proven wavelengths of light; 633nm red light and 830 nm of near infra-red light.  When these wavelengths penetrate the skin they are absorbed by the mitochondria of the cell which starts a cascade of inter and extra cellular reactions that promotes healthier skin.  These reactions first begin when the light is absorbed by the cells mitochondria and continue to work even after the light has been switched off.

Why should I use FaceLITE? 
As we age skin becomes thinner and drier and begins to sag and develops wrinkles.  Changes in the connective tissue reduce the skin's strength and elasticity.  Cellular processes slow down, slowing down the production of collagen and elastin and all our repair processes.  FaceLITE uses two clinically proven wavelengths of light at the correct energy levels, which have been shown in clinical studies to stimulate collagen and elastin production, improve blood flow and tissue oxygenation.  This leaves skin looking rejuvenated, plumper and over time helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

What have studies proved are the effects of red and near infra-red light at specific wave lengths?
* enhanced production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which energises the cells so that can work more effectively to make beautiful skin
* enhanced cellular balance, restoring homeostasis within the cell and between cells which results in healthier skin
* increased blood flow and lymphatic drainage which improves tissue oxygenation, the movement of nutrients in to the cells and toxins out and accelerates healing
* increased cell proliferation in cells involved in promoting and maintaining healthy skin
* increased collagen and elastin synthesis leading to a reduction in lines and wrinkles and firmer, plumper smoother skin
* improves tone and texture and makes the skin look brighter and more refreshed
* easy to use - improve your skin with the touch of a button
* an affordable and convenient skin care solution

How would I use the FaceLITE device at home?
For reversing the signs of Ageing:
give yourself an intensive course of 3-5 treatments a week for 4-6 weeks.  Each Treatment lasting 10 minutes.  This will stimulate collagen and elastin production which will reduce fine lines and wrinkles and increase firmness.  After this you can use less often for maintenance.
For preventing or delaying the signs of aging: It is never too early to start with a preventative skin care regime.  Use alongside your exisiting skin care regime to ensure a healthy, younger looking skin.  Use 1-2 times a week or as and when is convenient.
For a skin boost: use before a special occasion to leave you with brighter, calmer, plumper looking skin. 
For a mood enhancer: It is proven to lift your mood in the winter months.  It increases serotonin levels and helps with Seasonal Affective Disorders (SAD)

Safety: FaceLITE has been tested and is compliant with international safety standards.  Since the mask does not cover the eyes you do not need to wear goggles.
Credentials: FaceLITE has been developed by The Natural Face Lift Company and uses the same clinically proven technology as its sister company Omnilux; a global market leader in Medical LED technology.  They have over 20 years experience and 32 peer reviewed clinical papers so you can be confident in the science that supports their devices. 
Warranty: FaceLITE offers a 2 Year Warranty period when you register your device.
Contraindications: Certain medical conditions or medication may mean that FaceLITE
is not suitable for you.  These include pregnancy/breastfeeding (please also avoid if you are trying to become pregnant)/lupus erythematosus/photosensitive eczema/albinism/any photosensitive disorders/any sensitization to light such as light induced headaches/eye disase or genetic conditions effecting the eyes/any medication that can cause photosensitivity.  These can include certain antibioitics, chemotherapy drugs and diuretics.  Others substances which can also cause photosensitivity are: St John's wort, coal tar, deodorants, antibacterial spoaps, artificial sweetners, naphthalene (mothballs), petroleum products, brightening agents found in laundry detergent and cadmium suphide (a chemical injected in to the skin during tattooing).

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