Dermaviduals PlutioDerm Fluid
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A highly effective spot serum that will help zap spots, clear skin, calm, soothe and reduce the discomfort of painful spots, clearing out pores to reduce the incidence of future breakouts
PlutioDerm Fluid is a powerful, concentrated serum based on liposome technology. It works quickly and effectively when applied to spots and is formulated to help with congestion, blemishes and spotty skins.   The Active Ingredients will help to calm down redness and improve skin texture.
PlutioDerm Fluid contains a high percentage of salicylic acid which is the only ingredient that is capable of exfoliating within the pore itself.  Salicylic acid has a keratolytic effect.  This means it can loosen up the build up of dead skin cells and oil within the pore that can create a spot or lead to a congested skin.
The salicylic acid in PlutioDerm Fluid is in a liposomal delivery system which makes it particularly effective.  The liposome helps to take the salicylic acid and other active ingredients into the areas where it is requried to work while avoiding the potentially drying effect of neat salicylic acid.
PlutioDerm Fluid contains other plant extracts such as Mahonia Aquifolium Extract from the Oregan Grape.  This has a long history of use in Traditional Chinese Medicine for the treatment of a wide range of conditions including acne, wounds and localised skin infections.

Benefits of PlutioDerm Fluid:
* 0.5% concentration of salicylic acid to break down plugs within the pore
* liposomal delivery makes it more effective as well as less irritating
* helps to clear pores of bacteria, pollution particles, and dead skin cells
* helps to dry up excess oil without drying out the skin itself
* saccharide isomearate is a 100% natural and plant derived moisturiser which
will boost skin hydration
* wild crafted Plantago will soothe, calm and cleanse
* toning and will help to minimise the appearance of pores
* lanceolata leaf extract is anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, anti fungal
* analgesic properties will reduce the discomfort of painful spots
* mahonia aquifolium extract has anti microbial, anti inflammatory properties
* shortens the life span of spots so they are on your face for less time

Formulated for acneic skin and can be used on sensitive skin.

Dermaviduals are pioneers of emulsifier free skin care with liposome technology.  Their products are kind to your skin.  Free from emulsifiers, preservatives, mineral oil, amines, artificial colours & fragrances.

Directions:  Apply twice a day to the problem area.

Ingredients(INCI):  Aqua(water)*Alcohol*Pentylene Glycol*Glycerin*Phosphatidylcholine*Saccharide Isomerate*Sorbitol*Urea*Sodium Salicylate*Mahonia Aquifolium (Oregan Grape) Root Extract*Plantago Lanceolata (Ribwort Plantain)Leaf Extract*Citric Acid*Sodium Citrate*Disodium Phosphate*Potassium Phosphate*Xanthum Gum.

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