Acne Facial
Bespoke blend of skin actives, high frequency and LED light therapy for Acne to normalise oil production, microbiome diversity, cell turn over, inflammation
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Acne Facial
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My Facials are all Bespoke so I do not have a one size fits all for Acne.  The Treatment depends on what you bring to me in terms of the story of your skin and how it is when you come to see me.   However I will take in to consideration the following which are all connected:

Dysbiosis of the  microbiome: More recent research in to Acne reveals that people with Acne tend to have a less diverse skin microbiome than people with healthy skin.  The microbiome communicates to the skins immune system and when there is plenty of helpful bacteria present it can inhibit the release of inflammatory compounds and keep inflammation in check.  We start by repairing the acid mantle and feeding the skin with lots of biomimetic ingredients - ingredients that the skin recognises as food.

Calm inflammation:  Inflammation depletes antioxidants that protect sebum from inflammatory damage.  Sebum oxidation is  big trigger for acne formation.  Inflammation also excites the sebaceous glands influencing oil secretion and cell turnover influencing the build up of dead skin cells in the pore.   Dermaviduals have a wide range of skin soothers which will help calm inflammation and speed up the healing of existing blemishes:  Aloe vera Extract, D Panthenol/B5, Linseed Oil Nanoparticles, Vitamin B Liposome Concentrate, CM Glucan Complex. 

Address Essential Fatty Acid  Deficienty and normalise sebum production:  sebum in acne skin is typically low in linolenic acid (omega 6) which makes sebum waxier and more prone to clogging pores.  Dermaviduals products are rich in phosphatidylcholine which is rich in linoleic acid.  Linoleic acid helps to liquefy sebum making it less prone to clog pores. Evening Primrose Oil Nanoparticles is helpful for Acne.  There are also some good Actives for normalising sebum production such as Vitamin A Nanoparticles, Vitamin B Liposome concentrate, Zinc Liposome Serum.

Prevent excessive keratinisation/normalise exfoliation: this prevents the skin holding on to cells for too long and clogging up cells.  Peels are very helpful here for helping to break up impactions and eliminating lumps and bumps beneath the skins surface.  The Cosmed Restore Peel with 40% Mandelic Acid, 10% Lactic Acid, 2% Salicylic Acid, 0.6% Retinal helps to regulate oil production,minimise pore size, and improve texture, pigmentation and acne. Clays and enzymes are also helpful.

Regulate hormonal activity within the skin: there are ingredients that can inhibit enzyme activity within the skin that would otherwise convert testosterone to DHT.  Green Tea, Vitamin B6, Zinc, Azelaic Acid.   These can all help to decrease oil production by influencing hormonal activity that can lead to flare ups.

Increase lymphatic drainage efficiency: this helps to strengthen the metabolism of the cell, detoxifies and cleans the skin from within and speeds up healing.
MLD is a helpful massage modality for acne as it can be performed over active acne. 

Electrical Therapies which work well for Acne are:

Direct High Frequency is a form of Electrical Facial Therapy using the oscillating current of high frequency waves.  Glass electrodes filled with neon and/or argan gas generate a blue/orange light when the machine is on.  The electrodes are placed on the skin and worked in circular motion over the neck and face.  The High Frequency current passes through the gas filled glass electrodes and electrifies the air close to the skins surface creating negatively charged oxygen molecules which infuse in to the skin.  These molecules attach themselves to toxins and pathological bacteria which are positively charged, helping to flush them out through the circulation.  High Frequency is germicidal and helps to heal existing papules and pustules, control sebum production and prevent further blemishes.

Dermalux Flex LED Light Therapy - blue light waves for an antibacterial action, near infra red to quell inflammation, red to stimulate cell metabolism and promote healing.  

I can also advise on home care to help you manage your acne.

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