Butchers Broom Serum 20mls
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Dermaviduals Butchers Broom Serum stabilises and tightens superficial blood vessels and capillaries, reducing redness while smoothing and soothing the skin
Butchers Broom stabilises and tightens superficial blood vessels and capillaries, reduces redness and soothes and smooths the skin tissue.  It has an astringent, anti inflammatory and toning effect on the vascular system.  This makes it very helpful for reactive, red skin, visible capillaries and conditions such as Rosacea.  Dermaviduals Butcher Broom is encapsulated in nanoparticles which intensifies its effectiveness. 

Dermaviduals Nanoparticles are physiological.  They are made with biomimetic ingredients such as phosphatidylcholine that merge with the intercellular matrix of the skin upon contact where they are metabolised.

* Helpful for couperosis and telangiectasia (redness, spider veins, visible capillaries)
* Strengthens connectives tissue
* Helps to reduce dark under eye circles and puffiness
* Anti inflammatory
* Helps to normalie the microcirculation which promotes healthy skin
* Protects the elasticity of the skin by inhibiting elastase activity

Composition: Nanoparticular dispersion of butcher's broom extract, phytosterols and native phosphatidylcholine.   Contains the saponines ruscin, ruscogenin, neo-ruscogenin and the alkaloid spartein.

Directions:  A few drops may be used neat like a serum after cleansing and before moisturising.  Or a few carefully chosen Actives can be blended in to one of the Prescriptive Moisturiser or the Prescriptive Serum. 
Please see the section on "Bespoke Skin Care" for further details.

Free from perfume/fragrances, silicones, colouring/dyes, mineral oils, sodium lauryl sulphate, preservatives, emulsifiers, amines.

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