Boswellia Nanoparticles 20mls
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Dermaviduals Boswellia Nanoparticles from Frankincense protect collagen, calm inflammation, increase cell regeneration and helps to tighten and tone the skin
Boswellia is extracted from Frankincense which is an important anti ageing product and helpful for stressed skin and inflammatory conditions such as Rosacea and Acne. 

Actions within the skin:
* Inhibits inflammation within the skin and slows down the destruction of collagen after sun exposure.  When the skin is stressed by UV radiation metalloproteinases are activated in the skin which induce the degradation of collagen.  Boswellia acts to inhibit the expression of this enzyme thereby helping to protect the collagen within our skin.
* Inhibits anothe key enzyme of inflammation processes called the 5-lipoxgyenase.
* Increases cellular regeneration and tightens and tones via an astringent action.  
* Helps to inhibit the hypercornification process that occurs with Psoriasis. 

Applying Dermaviduals Boswellia Nanoparticles tends to make the skin look calmer and fresher.  Over time it will help to increase the overall firmness and density of the skin.  It's encapsulation in nanoparticles intensifies its effectiveness.

Dermaviduals Nanoparticles are made with biomimetic ingredients such as phosphatidylcholine.  These help to temporarily fluidize the lipid bilayer of the stratum corneum so that the serum can merge with the intercellular matrix of the skin upon contact and become metabolised by the skin.

*  Anti-inflammatory, calming and soothing
*  Reduces redness
*  Strenthens the skins barrier function
*  Slows the breakdown of collagen from UV exposure
*  Improves the appearance of fine lines
*  Can be used for Actinic Keratoses, Acne, premature Aging & Psoriasis

How to use: 
A few drops may be used neat like a serum after cleansing and before moisturising.  Or a few carefully chosedn Actives can be blended together and added to one of the Prescriptive Moisturiser or the Prescriptive Serum. 
Please see "Bespoke Skin Care" for further information.

Free from emulsifiers, perfume/fragrance chemicals, silicones, colouring/dyes, mineral oils, sodium lauryl sulphate, preservatives, amines.

Ingredients:Aqua*Olea Europaea Fruit Oil*Alcohol* Lecithin*Glycerin*Boswellia Serrata Extract* Persea Gratissima Oil*Urea* Xanthan Gum*Tocopheryl Acetate*Phytosterols*Olea Europaea Oil Unsaponifiables*

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