Alumier MD Skin Peel
Professional Peels for acne, rosacea, pigmentation, sun damage are progressive not aggressive, using superficial peeling to aid skin resurfacing and regeneration
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Alumier MD Skin Peel
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I have a range  of pharma grade Peel Treatments with a unique complex of ingredients for clinical exfoliation.  These are each classified as "superficial" peels ie are designed to be progressive not aggressive.  This means a series of chemical peel treatments can give gradual results without the down time associated one deeper peel. There are two Peels from Alumier MD and two Peels from Cosmed.  Both Peels from Alumier can be combined in one Treatment as can both from Cosmed, so different areas of your face can be treated very specifically depending on your skins needs.  This means a programme of treatments can be customised specifically for you to improve the appearance of your skin.

Alumier MD Radiant 30: for hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, dull skin, lines and wrinkles.   30% Lactic Acid
Contains lactic acid to exfoliate dead skin cells, boost cell turnover and stimulate collagen, improving skin texture and tone.   This multifunctional peel targets multiple skin conditions including fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration, sun damage and large pores.

Aumier MD Radiant 20/10: for Acne, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, congestion, open pores and oiliness.  20% Salicylic Acid/10% Lactic Acid
Contains both lactic acid and salicylic acid.  This powerful combination improves skin tone and texture by exfoliating dead skin cells and speeding cell turnover. This multipurpose resurfacing peel reduces acne pimples and minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, large pores, hyperpigmentation and sun damage.

Cosmed Derma Peel: for dull, dry, dehydrated, uneven, sun damaged sensitive, pigmented skin40% Lactic Acid/10% Kojic Acid/10% Phytic Acid/Glutathione
Suitable for all skins.  The Derma Peel is super hydrating with volumising benefits.  Helps to bring a glow to the skin with minimum down time.  Lactic Acid increases moisture levels in the skin, improves an impaired acid mantle and diffused redness.  Kojic Acid and Phytic Acid are skin lighteners and brighteners with additional antioxidant benefits.  Also contains the Antioxidant Glutanthione. Derma Peel helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation by boosting collagen production and speeding cell turnover.  This Peel hydrates and brightens, and helps to create a more radiant and even toned complexion. 

Cosmed Restore Peel: for oily, acneic, irritated, inflamed, uneven skin. 
40% Mandelic Acid/10% Lactic Acid/2% Salicylic Acid/Glutathione & Vitamin C

Restore Peel regulates oil production, increases cell turnover and improves texture, pigmentation and acne. It helps to reduce redness so helps to manage Rosacea and strengthens barrier function.   It is mainly comprised of Mandelic Acid which has a unique antibiotic action which can be helpful for Acne. It is also an effective skin lightener and brightener helpful for sun damage and acne scarring.  Salicylic acid penetrates in to the pores and exfoliates dead skin cells and excess sebum.  Lactic acid exfoliates dead skin cells and hydrates.  These acids work together to increase cell turnover, smooth skin texture, minimise pore size, prevent new blemishes forming and improve pigmentation.

Contact me if you would like me to create a personalised program that combines in clinic treatments with home care products which will work synergistically to improve your skin care concerns and reveal a more radiant, soft and luminous skin.  If you think your skin could benefit from a peel it is best you just book an appointment and I will analyse your skin and make recommendations.

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